Milena Anna Impicciatore

professor of Labour Law in the Department of Legal and Social Sciences

PhD in “Research evaluation tools and methods”, fixed-term researcher in Labour Law at the Leonardo da Vinci Telematic University until 2014.

She collaborated with the CIVR in the first national research evaluation exercise (VTR). She was a member of the MIUR Technical Secretariat for the implementation of the research quality assessment process (VQR) 2009-2011.

From 2006 to 2018, expert contact for the “G.d’Annunzio” University on the programming of the European Social Fund and for participation in national and international competitive research projects.

Author of over 30 works. The research topics are: higher university education in relation to the labour market; Industry 4.0 labour market; skills certification; transnational European and international agreements; irregular work.

Winner of 3 funds Jean Monnet, coordinator of numerous ESF-funded projects oresearch and higher education.