University "Gabriele d'Annunzio"

Our ambition is to enhance UdA’s impact on global competitiveness.

Our mission is to promote and support innovative research, investment in talent, development of international collaborations and circulation of knowledge

About Our University

The Gabriele d’Annunzio University was established in 1965 and has progressively expanded to include 13 Departments and 2 Schools, distributed across 2 campuses (Chieti and Pescara). The Rector, General Directorate and central University Offices are located in the Chieti campus.

The University offers cutting-edge facilities and equipment, as well as post-graduate education for a career in research. In particular, two Centres for Excellence (Institute for Advanced Biomedical Technologies – ITAB and Centre for Advanced Studies and Technologies – CAST), hosted within the Chieti campus, attract international and national funds to promote and deliver multidisciplinary, innovative experimental and clinical research.

As a result of the University’s effort to promote research, it has been awarded with a major grant from the Italian Ministry of University and Research (“Dipartimenti di Eccellenza” call) for further expansion of research infrastructure, facilities and staff.  

The University is also committed to education in research through a variety of PhD and Masters courses. It also offers a “path of excellence” programme that allows medical students who want to pursue a career in research to access directly the PhD programme, immediately after their graduation.

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